Lance B. Mayes, Attorney at Law,
is a skilled, aggressive, experienced lawyer who will fight hard for your legal rights. Engaged in general practice, Attorney Mayes focuses on:

Criminal Defense
Regardless of the nature of the offense, Lance B. Mayes can provide aggressive, professional representation for you or a loved one charged with a crime.

Every criminal matter is a serious one and may affect your livelihood and reputation. Accordingly, we see to it that no stone is left unturned to ensure you the best possible outcome. We will zealously defend our clients in numerous aggressive and innovative ways.

Lance B. Mayes will do his best to see that you are acquitted of the charges against you. Deciding on Lance B. Mayes to defend your freedom may be the most important decision of your life.

Other Legal Matters
Lance B. Mayes provides the same zealous, hard work in representing his clients in all legal matters. Whether you are facing the difficulty of divorce, want to start a business, have encountered discrimination, are being sued, have been injured, or are buying or selling a house - we can help.

It is our mission to be "your lawyer." Call today for a FREE CONSULTATION.